road sign

The Different Road Signs You Should Know

Road signs can be classified into different categories: warning, regulatory, and guide signs. You should note that the shape of a road sign communicates vital information about the signal’s message. For instance, in poor visibility conditions like heavy fog, the shape can help you understand what it means. If you neglect to obey any road sign will get you on the wrong side of the law. However, to follow it, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, requires understanding the meaning of each particular sign.

Traffic Signs

The colors and shapes of these signs indicate the type of information that a sign can contain. For instance, a red octagon STOP sign requires you to stop before you enter a crosswalk, intersection, or just driving past the stop line. A circular yellow RR sign informs you that you are approaching the railroad crossing.

crosswalkA pentagon-shaped sign with pupils tells you that there is an educational facility nearby. Remember that children may not understand the dangers of vehicles. You need to pay attention to road signs and slow down to avoid causing a deadly situation. In most places, there is a school speed limit. You should consult your notes for details.

Regulatory Signs

These types of road signs tell you about different regulations that you ought to follow. For instance, DO NOT ENTER sign informs you of possible danger ahead. These signs are common on a one-way street or freeway off-ramp.

Another common regulatory sign is the WRONG WAY. If you see this sign, then it means you are on the wrong side, or you are going against the traffic. Thus, you should drive to the side and stop. Ensure you only get back to the appropriate side when it is safe.

Warning Signs

stop road signSome road signs warn you to watch for hazards or slow down or inform you of special conditions ahead. Usually, these road signs are diamond-shaped and yellow with black symbols or letters. For example, you can find a sign that informs you that the road you are using is coming to an end ahead. Thus, you should slow down and be ready to turn right or left safely. There are also warning signs for bumps.

Guide Signs

These types of signs are meant to provide mileage and directional information to various specific destinations. They may have other shapes and can be rectangular.