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Devotional Thoughts by Alan Smith

Combining humor with God's Word


In May 2015, 23-year-old Dominyk Antonio Alfonseca walked into a bank in Virginia Beach, VA and handed the teller a note demanding money.  About 20 minutes after the robbery, police officers located Alfonseca and took him into custody.  When a news reporter spoke to him in jail, Alfonseca said he didn't really rob the bank.....(click here to read the rest)


One day a mother decided to take her three children to an ice skating party in a nearby town, but after several wrong turns and stops to ask directions, she pulled over to the side of the road and suggested they all ask God to help them find the rink. When they finally arrived, they were nearly an hour late.  The following week.....(click here to read the rest)


Jones, a wealthy financier, had on many occasion in the good old days -- when trains were flourishing and coaches were the last word in technological luxury -- crossed the continent by Pullman.  He was well known and well served and was accustomed to every convenience, particularly when dining... (click here to read the rest)